Located in the center of the coffee triangle at the foothills of the Andes mountains, Pereira is a city of magic and wonder. Some of the most popular locations in Colombia are easily reachable from Pereira. I spent over six months in this beautiful city and would like to share what I know with you. It’s definitely one of the best places to visit in Colombia. Here’s why!

Pereira Colombia
Pereira, Colombia is a city located in the center of the coffee triangle and is known as “the city of eternal spring”. In Colombia, three cities have been given this name. Image by Erik Magnus.

Pereira is Unique

Pereira is the largest city in the coffee axis and is officially part of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage Site named the “Coffee Culture Landscape of Colombia”. Pereira is also located in the “Golden Triangle” between Bogota, Medellin and Cali making it a important location for trade and commerce.

Pereira coffee fields
Coffee fields are found in abundance on the hillsides and mountains surrounding Pereira. Image by Erik Magnus.

Pereira is surrounded by lush green mountains full of coffee fields and papaya trees spreading as far as the eye can see. Some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen come from this region. Famous local towns including Santa Rosa, Filandia, Salento and Marsella are all within a one hour drive. The city is amazing and the surrounding landscape is breathtaking.

Simon Bolivar statue at Plaza de Bolivar in Pereira Colombia
Image of a naked equestrian statue of Simon Bolivar at Plaza de Bolivar in Pereira, Colombia. Image by Erik Magnus.

Pereira Has a Bit of Everything

Pereira was founded in 1863 and stands at an elevation of over 4,000 feet near the Otun river valley and a short drive away from Valle de Cocora (a valley high in the Andes mountains that hosts the largest palm trees in the world).  To the northeast you will find Santa Rosa de Cabal, a town at almost a 6,000 foot elevation that hosts some of the most beautiful hot springs in the world (Termales). To the south you will find Filandia, a quaint little mountain town with some amazing views, tasty bakeries and authentic family-owned stores. To the northwest you will find Marsella, a vivid and colorful little traditional colonial town found deep in the Andes mountain range.  

image of Santa Rosa de cabal Colombia
Image of foliage located in the back yard of a bed and breakfast (Villa Carolina Hopedaje Ecoturistico) in Santa Rosa de Cabal, Colombia. Image by Erik Magnus.

Santa Rosa de Cabal

Aside from the world-renowned hot springs, Santa Rosa is home to a plethora of  eateries & unique cafes full of colorful decor and personality. Santa Rosa is also known for its famous chorizo (chorizo santarossano) which is considered to be one of the best in Colombia. There are plenty of hotels, apartments, farms and houses for rent (take a look on AirBnb). For example, the image above shows the backyard of a local bed and breakfast (Villa Carolina Hopedaje Ecoturistico) I visited in Santa Rosa. The location was stunning, there was an outdoor pool overlooking a beautiful backdrop and the breakfast was upstanding. If you get a chance to visit Santa Rosa do not pass up the opportunity.

Filindia Quindio Colombia
Image of the entrance to the Mirador Colina Iluminada observation deck in Filindia, Quindio. Image by Erik Magnus.


Filandia is home to Mirador Colina Iluminada, a observation deck that overlooks the mountains and fields of the region. Some of the best photographs I’ve captured during my travels in Colombia come from Filandia. The view from the top of the observation deck spans hundreds of miles and it’s not as crowded as other well-known tourist destinations in the region. Mirador Colina Iluminada is a must-see if you visit Filandia.

Filindia Quindio
Image of the Filindia Quindio countryside from the Mirador Colina Iluminada observation deck. Image by Erik Magnus.


Marsella is a long-established colonial town located 15-20 miles outside of Pereira. The drive is grueling (think mountainous dirt roads lined with heavy tropical foliage) but well worth the effort. The town is full of traditional colonial architecture. The buildings are splashed with colorful fresh paint and the town plaza is a sight to see. For lunch, have a bowl of ajiaco soup, it’s delicious in Marsella. Take some time and visit the Alejandro Humbolt Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico Alejandro Humboldt) and finish the afternoon with some ice cream in the plaza! Also, I would consider the drive to and from Marsella just as enjoyable as the visit itself.

Marsella Colombia
Image of the “Church of the Immaculate” (Iglesia de la Inmaculada) in Marsella, Colombia. Image by Erik Magnus.

Cocora Valley

The Cocora Valley (Valle del Cocora) is breathtaking and a favorite amongst hikers and outdoor enthusiast. With its’ giant wax palm trees, jungle foliage, deep forests, and mountainous terrain the valley is a place of wonder. Spend the afternoon taking photos of the landscape or enjoy a horseback ride to a local coffee farm on a guided tour. The Cocora Valley is also home to the worlds largest palm tree, the Quindio wax palm which can grow to a height of over 200 feet. The Cocora Valley is located one hour southeast of Pereira and 20 minutes east of Salento (a town we will discuss in detail in another article). The Cocora Valley is a must-visit if you spend time in the coffee triangle.

Wax palms Cocora Valley Quindio Colombia
Wax Palms lining the hills of the Cocora Valley in Quindio, Colombia. Image courtesy of Diegotorquemada, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

Things to do in Pereira

Pereira is full of cafes, restaurants, bars, family-owned businesses and food! The culture is spectacular and the vibration is soothing. People take pride in their businesses and create stunning ambient environments full of vivid colors, tasty aromas and soothing music. Music can be heard almost anywhere you go. High-quality coffee is found in abundance and there are hundreds of boutiques to browse.

sotres and apartments in downtown Pereira, Colombia
Image of a coffee shop and quaint little clothes boutique below a Airbnb rental in downtown Pereira. Image by Erik Magnus.

If you visit Pereira, you have to try the Pandebono! I love Pandebono, especially with coffee in the morning. After the morning coffee why not take a walk through one of the many local parks or do some shopping at one of the local boutiques. For lunch, try a local dish, I would recommend bandeja paisa or Ajiaco. If you want something a little more upscale but not too expensive by American standards I would recommend going to Pasteleria Lucerna, a local restaurant in the heart of Pereira. Make sure to stop at Plaza de Bolivar to take everything in. Also, Pereira now has a aerial cable car you can ride to several different destinations in the city.

Cesar Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct
Image of the Cesar Gaviria Trujillo Viaduct which connects Pereira to Dosquebradas, the 2nd largest city in the area. Image by Erik Magnus.

You could spend days just walking around Pereira and exploring. There are so many different things to do. The nightlife is also amazing, there’s an abundance of niche bars and hang out spots throughout the city. Some of the bars are even themed (I went to a heavy metal bar decorated with 80s rock memorabilia that played rock videos all night on a giant television screen).

To conclude, it’s impossible to explain with mere words how amazing Pereira and the surrounding region is. We will continue to upload new content as time goes on (it’s just too much content for one article, we have thousands of videos, pictures and experiences to share with you).

The coffee triangle is what made me fall in love with Colombia and Pereira is located smack dab in the center of it all. I highly recommend visiting and if you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

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