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image of website contributors - Colombia pleaseWelcome to Colombia Please, a website dedicated to providing information about beautiful Colombia. 

I’m an American who has spent a lot of time traveling. My wife is from Colombia and helped me develop this site.

This website talks about everything Colombian including food, culture, travel, tourism, attractions, economics, cost of living, visa requirements, safety, daily life, services, entry/exit requirements, things to do and more. 

We love Colombia and are extremely passionate about helping others discover the wonder and beauty of this amazing country. 

Why Colombia?

That’s easy, it’s a hidden gem of the world. Cost of living is low, the people are extremely nice, the landscape is breathtaking and there’s a million things to do. I’ve traveled the United States, Scandinavia and parts of Europe and I’ll tell you, there is something special about Colombia. I know people have safety concerns regarding travel because of its history but this should not stop you. It’s true, parts of the country can be dangerous and you need to follow certain guidelines but in general the country is safe. If you visit, you will fall in love with its people and culture. 

Want to know more? 

Want to know more? Browse the website and learn about Colombia. If you have more questions, feel free to email us, we would love to help!